This morning I had to go to Hosur for an early morning meeting. To avoid getting stuck in traffic, I decided to take the morning passenger train from Baiyappanahalli station. A few minutes in to the train ride and not far from the Bellandur Road railway station, I saw a number of small farms on the periphery of the rail tracks, mostly growing vegetables and greens. While we at Purple Chilli support eating locally grown produce, the water and air near the Bellandur lake is most unsuitable for growing our food. One independent academic research team in 2012 found heavy metal residues in green leafy vegetables grown in Bangalore. Samples of palak grown near Bellandur were found to contain more than 20 times the permissible limit of lead (a heavy metal) prescribed by the United Nation's World Health Organization. Not surprisingly, the poor quality of the water and pollutants in the air were cited as the reasons for this level of contamination.

At Purple Chilli, we understand the need for using clean unpolluted water and chemically test the water we use to irrigate our farms. The soil is tested for residues even before we sow a single seed. Great food starts with good water, healthy soil, and lots of sunshine.