Yes, I am interested in subscribing to Purple Chilli's Greens Plan. I would like to get 100% Organically Grown, Farm Fresh Greens delivered to my doorstep every alternate morning. Please sign me up!

  • Rs. 30 per bunch of greens (approximately 250 gm a bunch)
  • Greens Plan: Spinach, Amaranthus and Methi 
  • Schedule for APR Villas Phase 1 and Phase 2: Amaranthus (Wednesday), Methi (Friday) and Palak (Sunday)
  • Schedule for APR Villas Phase 3 and APR Towers 1-6: Methi (Wednesday), Palak (Friday) and Amaranthus (Sunday)
  • Prices for 1 month (4 weeks, 12 deliveries):  Rs. 360  
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Each bunch of greens weighs approximately 250g (just like the free sample you got).